Cascading grid layout library. Get that tile effect for cards, blocks, thumbnails or other content. Masonry is a JavaScript grid l...

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This framework depends heavily on Bootstrap 3 and jQuery. Include the dependencies (jQuery 2.2.4 or newer, Bootstrap 3 js and css ...

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Flex Layout Attribute

Layout helper based on CSS flexbox specification designed to serve you as quick flexbox shorthand by using two custom html attribu...

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Copying text to the clipboard shouldn't be hard. It shouldn't require dozens of steps to configure or hundreds of KBs to load. But...

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WTF, forms

From Mark Otto, creator of Bootstrap, here are friendlier HTML form controls with a little CSS magic. Designed for IE9+, as well a...

browser input ie9 custom selectors progress


FastClick is a simple, easy-to-use library for eliminating the 300ms delay between a physical tap and the firing of a click event ...

fastclick browser instantiate element event library

Motion UI

Motion UI is a Sass library for quickly creating CSS transitions and animations. We originally bundled this code with Foundation f...

mixin animation motion transition css effects

Simpla Build Better

Simpla turns content management into a service, with new, editable HTML elements that can be used anywhere....

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CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet

The CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet is a set of preset, plug-and-play animations for your web projects. All you need to do is add the s...

animation element slideup css3 stylesheet class

4 Essential Layout Trends for 2015

The web has changed a lot over the last decade, and at the same time it hasn't changed at all. If we look back 10 years we will fi...

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CSS Guidelines

CSS Guidelines is a document by Harry Roberts, Front-end Architect from the UK. This guide provides ligh-level advice and guidence...

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