WDStack Digest: June 2016

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LOL Colors

Get inspiration for different color schemes and palettes for use in design...

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Fake online REST API for developers. A collection of JSON APIs to generate mock random data like posts, photos, albums, etc.. for various Web development..

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Medium Editor

A highlight text inline editor similar to the one on Medium.com It's a WYSIWYG editor clone. Uses contenteditable API to implement a rich text solution...

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Javascript animation engine. Anime (/ˈæn.ə.meɪ/) is a flexible yet lightweight Javascript animation library. It works with CSS, Individual Transforms, SVG, DOM attributes and JS Objects...

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Stacked Pages

Here's a Material design example for a scrolling one page layout with multiple sections that are stacked on each other. As you scroll, the current page..

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Color Hunt

Curated collection of beautiful colors, updated daily...

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Flex Layout Attribute

Layout helper based on CSS flexbox specification designed to serve you as quick flexbox shorthand by using two custom html attributes - 'layout' and 'self':..

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Nuclide is built as a single package on top of Atom to provide hackability and the support of an active community. It provides a first-class development..

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Stencil lets you add text to any image from anywhere on the web...

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Todd Motto's Public APIs

Public-apis is a collective list by Todd Motto of public JSON APIs for use in web development. Find free, random, mock data sources for use in your dev..

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Finally, a distributed content management service based on Javascript. Add editing capabilities to your existing website without using a CMS. Make your..

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A curation of beautiful websites and designer resources...

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PatternFly is an open source web user interface framework promoting consistency and usability across IT applications through UX patterns and widgets...

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Site See

A curated gallery of beautiful, modern websites...

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Pixel Art to CSS

Draw and animate Pixel Art, export the results to CSS and share or download them...

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One App

Read posts from Reddit, Hacker News, Product Hunt, Slashdot and other sources all in one place...

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Find and generate color schemes for Web design Generate infinite color palettes for your designs and share, export or save it in your profile...

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UIPalette is a place where you can find all of the latest web design related UI colors, trends and tools for free...

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Mobile devices, in Responsive Web Design, relate to a core value which is the value of CSS width or ("device-width"), in CSS Device Independant Pixels,..

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Responsive Screenshot + Mockup App. High-resolution mockups showcase your mobile website design...

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